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Digital money democratized.

Deliver rewarding financial experiences to people and businesses.

Changing the world, with every transaction we facilitate.

"We have experienced the effects of digital money being ubiquitous in our local society, building our financial services success out of Norway. We have experienced the joy of empowering people to transact instantly, remotely, in urgent situations and in daily life. We have seen businesses created, grow and flourish as a result of new opportunities arising that wasn't possible with cash or cards. We have seen more equal access to financial capabilities, as mobile phones replace the need for lengthy queues in bank buildings where many are not welcomed.

It is our social obligation, our moral calling, to share this experience, these capabilities, with the world and spend all our resources digitising and democratising money, making it universally available. Creating valuable connections between people and businesses. This is why Settle exists."

- Daniel R. Döderlein, CEO and founder of Settle Group.