Settle for you - With Settle send and receive money instantly!

Send and receive money instantly for free

Secure and reliable mobile payments for all.

Who says cash is king?

Get rewarding experiences from your digital money. Settle for more.

Send money as fast as a chat message

Split the bill, pay a tip or make a present. It's instant, safe and free.

  • Use your mobile phone contacts instead of account numbers

  • No need to top-up, send directly from card

  • Tell your payment story with Settle chat

Requesting money has never been easier

Asking for money you’re owed should not be awkward.

  • Request money from any mobile phone number

  • Add text, pictures and video to your request

  • Cancel request whenever you want

Total control of your money

View your Settle Account and all your cards in one place.

  • Add any debit or credit card issued in the European Union

  • Transfer your Settle funds to a bank account at any time for free

  • Keep multiple currencies on your Settle Account (coming soon)

Simply Secure

No money lost from security breaches in 10+ years of experience.

  • Military grade encryption, PIN and biometrics in-app security

  • PCI certified to handle sensitive card data

  • Authorized in all EU member states, plus UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway

Settle with your phone when shopping

Who says you should carry cash at the local market? Cash is so 2019.

Settle anywhere, remotely or in-store

Send money to a business as easily as you do to friends.

  • Search business name in the app

  • Enter amount

  • Send the money with a swipe


Scan the QR code to pay

At the food truck, in supermarket or online, Settle it quick.

  • Scan the QR code

  • Charge your Settle Account or a card

  • Full payment history on your phone

Receive and pay bills directly on your phone

Settle your gym subscription or home-repair invoice.

  • Receive bills and payment requests on your phone

  • Accept to pay or decline the request

  • Full payment history on your phone

Enjoy exclusive offers from businesses near you

Discover, order and pay for products and services.

  • Location based recommendations

  • Order for pickup or delivery

  • Always something new