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We’re building Europe’s fastest-growing payment network.
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We’re building Europe's fastest- growing payment network

Settle enables you to nurture, protect, and monetise your customer relationships. We provide the award-winning mobile payment service for consumers and businesses, you distribute it to your customers.

There is no need to invest in technology, product development, compliance, and complex business models. Settle makes you competitive from day one.

You can start distributing Settle right away. Offer your customers a ready-made, pan-European yet localized service, and earn revenue as they use Settle — we’ll take care of the rest.

A decade of mobile payment experience. The result is Settle.

We believe there can only be one winner in each country and to get there, collaboration is key. We have more than 10 years of real, first-hand experience with mobile payments. Settle contains and addresses all the fundamentals and intricate details that we believe are instrumental to win in each country, as well as on a global scale.
Daniel R. Döderlein,
Settle CEO and founder

Our model

Local distribution partners sit at the core of our business model. They are the backbone that promotes Settle to consumers and businesses in local markets. Distributors earn a lifetime commission on all transactions of the customers they enroll.

The country franchise enables distributors to succeed with Settle, through localized marketing material, training, and end-user support in local language.

Settle Group is the formal provider of Settle financial services. Settle Group manages the global network operations and provides the products, interoperability, tools and training to all network participants.

Collaborate and thrive

Settle has created a unique ecosystem where all parties co-exist and thrive through collaboration. We enable local would-be competitors to distribute a high-demand, standardised product, to the benefit of consumers who take advantage of the resulting service unity. This prevents customer confusion and minimizes the risk of an external competitor swooping in and getting a foothold in the market. The result is a fair, balanced, and profitable model that benefits all participants.

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