Pioneering financial technology since 2010.

Made in Norway with love.

It started as an idea back in 2006.

Today we are the mobile payment network of Europe.

This is our journey:

Inventing mobile payments.

2006 - 2009.

Our founder envisioned and designed a new concept for sending, receiving and accepting payments. The idea was to enable people to pay and get paid as easy as texting.

Mobile payment patent.


We got a patent granted for our technology and method for app based mobile payments.

Security is in our DNA.

Feb. 2012.

Our engineering team worked closely with academia, ensuring our world-first 100% public cloud based, mobile money infrastructure was secure. The result was that renowned security professor, Mr. Kjell Jørgen Hole joined our board of directors.

Startup of the year.


Awarded "Startup of the year" by Selmer.

Licence under PSD1.

May 2012.

We apply for the first license under PSD1 and get it approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authorities.

First ECR integration.

April 2013.

Lindbak, one of the leading electronic cash registry, pos and erp software vendors integrate our mobile payment acceptance into their systems.

Launch in Norway.

Feb. 2014.

We launch the first mobile payment app in Norway, enabling real-time person to person and person to merchant payments funded by cards, bank accounts and pre-paid.

85% coverage.


Based on our acceptance API, our mobile payment solution is integrated in pos and ecr systems, technically covering an estimated 85% of all retail locations in Norway.

Entrepreneur of the year.

October 2014.

Our CEO & Founder, Mr. Daniel R. Döderlein is named "Entrepreneur of the year" by the Norwegian venture capital association for his relentless work to digitise money with mobile payments.

Mobile groceries.

Sep. 2015.

Our mobile payment service becomes the first alternative to cash and cards to be accepted in grocery stores.

Cashing in.

Nov. 2015.

Norway’s leading bank group, SpareBank 1 (a network of 16 cooperative savings banks) agrees to buy our mobile payment operations in Norway together with a technology licence. We see this as a great way to cash in, learn more from servicing the banks and plan for international expansion. We are engaged to further develop and run the platform up until September 2017.



Following the sale of our Norwegian mobile payment operations we rebrand our company to AUKA. Our focus is to service the banks, expand our platform capabilities and plan for international expansion when our technology and the foreign markets are ready to repeat the success from Norway.

Fastest growing fintech.

Dec. 2016.

Deloitte awards us the 4th place overall on their Technology fast 500 list for EMEA, making us the fastest growing fintech in EMEA based on revenue.

Hello world.


During 2017 we travel the world to identify how we best can export and monetise our mobile payment technology and competence. We meet more than 300 different stakeholders, including retail banks, card acquirers, telcos, media and utility companies from around the world, predominantly focusing on Europe.

A new network.

Jan. 2018.

After careful consideration we conclude that the only way to please all stakeholders, saturate individual markets to form a national winner, and to be able to interconnect to form a pan-european mobile payment network; we have to create a new payment scheme. Settle is born.


June 2018.

At the Norwegian ambassador's residence on the hillside of Zagreb, Croatian financial institutions are introduced to Settle, and we announce that Croatia will be the first market where the next generation mobile payment network, app and acceptance service will be launched.

Visa + Settle.

Dec. 2018.

We win the Visa everywhere challenge with "Settle for business" - our self service mobile payment acceptance toolbox for micro, small and medium sized businesses.


Dec. 2018.

The CEO of JCC Payments, Mr. Nicodemos Damianou, announces that the leading payment service provider of Cyprus will join the Settle network, expanding our reach to include Cyprus.

Google + Settle.

April. 2019.

As the first regulated financial services company to run 100% in public cloud with Google (since 2013), we are recognised (again) by our cloud operations partner at their global keynote event. At this time our company name is still Auka, while our service name is Settle. Google has published a customer case study on our use of their technology.

Sberbank + Settle.

July 2019.

Sberbank joins the Settle Network, distributing Settle to their croatian consumer clients.

Cash is so yesterday.

Aug. 2019.

Sberbank launches Settle campaign run on all their Croatian ATMs.

Cyprus come together.

Jan. 2020.

Settle officially launch in Cyprus in partnership with JCC Payments. Local staff in our joint venture, Settle Cyprus expands the Settle Network capabilities with local support, marketing and operations, making Settle truly local, yet part of the pan-european Settle Network.

Bank of Cyprus + Settle.

June. 2020.

Bank of Cyprus join the Settle Network, distributing Settle to their consumer clients in Cyprus.

21 markets.

June. 2020.

The Settle Network is expanded, and Settle is made available for consumers and businesses in a total of 21 EEA markets. With Settle, consumers can pay and get paid instantly for free using their phone number. Settle offers instant payouts to local bank accounts for free in all 21 markets.


Oct. 2020.

Settle Bulgaria is incorporated as a joint venture with local strategic partners. We are ready to add another currency and our 22. market to the Settle network.