Send money to international contacts

Sending money cross-border with Settle is super easy. Follow these steps to get set up in seconds.

Settle is required by law to identify you before enabling cross-border payments. It takes only a minute or two, and you do it inside the Settle app.

  • Tap the profile icon, then the option “Verify identity” and follow the instructions.
  • Besides taking a selfie, you will need a valid identity document (passport or national ID card).

We will review your information and revert to you usually within 1 business day. We will notify you in the app.

Turn on notifications

If you want to know when the identity check is done, you need to turn on notifications for Settle.

You don’t need to top-up your Settle Account to make payments. You can link your payment card(s) issued in the EU, set it as the default funding source, and use it for the payments you do with Settle. 

  • Enter your card details in our secure form.
  • For extra security you need to validate your card using the method selected by your bank (3DS or other).

Make sure you send to the right person by listing your contacts in Settle.

  • Visit the system access settings in your phone and enable contact access for Settle.
  • Numbers from other countries are shown with respective flags in Settle.

Now you are ready to make your first instant cross-border payment to a mobile number registered in any European Union country or Norway.

  • Select the international contact. This will give you instant information about any cross-border fee.
  • Select the currency and amount you want to send.
  • Choose what card (or Settle Account) to pull money from. This will give you instant information about any exchange costs.
  • Slide to pay.

If you send a currency that you do not have available on the selected card or account, Settle will perform the exchange at a competitive rate that will be clearly displayed. Settle has no hidden fees.

The money is sent instantly to your contact. If they don’t have Settle installed they will be invited to download Settle. In case the amount you sent is above a certain limit, the receiver will have to verify their identity before receiving the funds. If they don’t activate or verify their identity within 48 hours, the money is automatically returned to you. We will notify you if funds are not accepted.

The receiver will be able to transfer some or all of the money from their Settle Account to a local bank account (IBAN) for free.

Turn on notifications

If you want to know when people send you money or any of your payments are returned, you need to turn on notifications for Settle.

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