Get started with Settle

Settle is a free mobile wallet that enables you to send and receive money instantly using only mobile phone numbers. Settle is available in all European Union countries.

Follow these easy steps to get set up.

1. Verify your identity​

For cross-border payments and higher transaction limits, we are required by law to verify your identity. This means uploading a valid ID and a selfie.

We will review your information and revert to you usually within 1 business day. We will notify you in the app.

2. Link a card

Link your payment card(s) issued in the EU and use it for the payments you do with Settle. 

For extra security you need to validate your card using the method selected by your bank (3DS or other).

3. Send money instantly in the whole EU

You can now pay to any mobile number registered in the European Union (+Norway) or to a verified Settle merchant. Money will arrive instantly in their Settle accounts. All cross-border payments are completely free.