Welcome to Settle 👋

Here’s 5 facts to make your life easier.

1. Made in Norway 🇳🇴

Yes, we are Norwegian, but Settle was made for everyone who has a mobile phone number in the EU.

2. No more account numbers

Send and receive money instantly, using mobile numbers. Just pick a contact 📲

3. No top-up needed 😎

Just link your card 💳 and pay as you go.

4. Free and no hidden fee☝️

Pay to friends 👫 , shops 🏪 and transfer to your bank account 🏦 for free. Pay cross border and exchange currency without hidden fees.

5. Settle the bill

Ask to Settle with your favorite shop and businesses. It’s safer, easier and works in virtually any situation.

An a lot more 😊

But you will figure it out as you explore Settle.

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