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Watch: Digital payments in minutes with Settle

What: 14 minute webinar with Daniel Döderlein, CEO at Settle.

Learn: How you can grow your business with Settle.

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Communities rely on all local businesses, even the small ones.
Settle supports them all.

Do you provide professional services, run a neighborhood bakery, a sports center, beauty
salon, or sell vintage clothes online? Grow your business and delight your customers with
a superb and frictionless payment experience!

Accept mobile payments anywhere

Don’t worry about having change or a card reader,
just get paid.

Settle Anywhere is the easiest way to start accepting Settle. You won’t need a card reader, just enable the option in the Business portal and your company will immediately become visible in the Settle app. Your customers will then be able to pay you from their mobiles with a swipe, the same way they send money to their friends. Because why should it be any different?

Mobile payments anywhere
Online payment links

Reach more customers online with payment links

Use social media to drive traffic to your shop and sell more.

Need to promote and sell quickly a daily special, a great offer, or some old inventory? Online, on social media, or in your shop? With Settle, you can create payment links and QR codes in seconds and promote them in any media.
You can also advertise your offers in the Settle app, using advanced targeting options (in beta).
Track and manage orders in the Business portal.

Send payment requests directly to your customers' phones.

Get paid faster and minimize risk.

Sending payment reminders or asking for an advance payment? Either a monthly subscription or one-time payment, you can request them via Settle. With Settle Request, you can send mobile payment requests to your customers’ phone numbers and get paid on the go.

Bills and payments on mobile
Business portal

Manage all things Settle in one place

Set-up and run your account the way you want through the Settle for Business portal.

Be it a pop-up shop, permanent physical location, or online store, you can set up shops for each under a single Settle account. Monitor live transactions and orders for each shop.
Collect and view customer data in a GDPR compliant way.
Make your accountant happy with detailed sales and settlement reports. The funds from your Settle account are transferred to your existing bank account at agreed intervals.

Zero investment and no strings attached

No hardware, no hidden fees, no lengthy procedures.

You don’t need to invest in hardware to start accepting mobile payments with Settle. We don’t charge any monthly fees and there is no contractual period. You register for free and pay as you go only a low % per transaction.

No strings attached

Integrate Settle with your existing solutions

Accept Settle in your existing e-comm website, card terminals, or cash registry.

Higher conversion

Accept Settle online to enjoy higher conversion

Your customers already browse your store on their phone, let them pay with it.

Seamless check-out with a great user experience.
No tiresome entry of card data means lower drop-off.
Settle plugins for Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce available for plug-and-play integration (coming soon).

Custom integration through Settle API

Integrate Settle into your existing payment solution.

Create rewarding customer experiences with custom payment flows that suit your needs: buttons, QR codes, or phone numbers
Integrate Settle into any application, software, or hardware: POS terminals, vending machines, websites, or mobile apps.
Automated reconciliation with electronic cash registers.
The funds from your Settle account are transferred to your existing bank account at agreed intervals.

Grow your businesses today with Settle.

Watch the 26 minutes Webinar with Daniel Döderlein, founder and CEO of Settle: Join the webinar to learn more

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