Settle for business – Say hello to Settle®

I’ve got you covered.

Upgrade your business with Settle.

No complicated contracts or hidden fees.

A low rate of 1,90%* is applied to all Settle Anywhere merchants whereas merchants opting for the Settle API are applied a rate of 1,50%*. Should more than 1.000 Settle transactions be performed in a calendar month the rates are reduced further. For consumers, Settle is always free.

*During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the rate applied will be 1%.

With Settle you can register multiple payment options (eComm, Settle Anywhere, Integrated Payments) as well as multiple locations. Do you have an eComm site and physical location? Set up Settle accounts for both! Multiple branches of the same business? Set up multiple Settle accounts and track all transactions.

  • Unlock the insights behind your sales
  • Settle collects and visualises your data for free
  • Monitor live transactions
  • Collect and view customer data in a GDPR compliant way
  • Generate sales and settlement reports

Sell more with Settle!

Settle allows people to pay in store and online without cash or cards.

  • Accept payments to your business from anyone with a smartphone
  • Allow anyone to send money to your business via QR code
  • Accept Settle in your existing card terminals or cash registry
  • Collect customer data in a GDPR compliant way
  • Transfer the money received to your existing bank account

Settle Anywhere

Settle Anywhere is the easiest way to start accepting Settle! Just print your unique QR code and display it in your store. Customers will find your shop in the app and complete their payments from their mobiles, with a swipe..


Accept Settle online, enjoy higher conversion

Customers browse your store with their phone, allow them to pay with it.

  • One-click payment experience
  • No forms, card numbers or drop-off
  • Settle plugin for Magento


Custom with Settle API

Select this option if you wish to integrate Settle as a payment solution in your online store, or get in touch for support.