Sell more with Settle

Accept payments anywhere and set up a shop in everyone's pocket.

Sell more with digital cash

Accept payments to your business from anyone with a mobile phone.

  • Setup Settle for Business in five minutes
  • Allow anyone to send money to your business
  • Money received is paid to your existing bank account

Your shop inside everyone's pocket

Accept orders for pickup or delivery from new and existing customers.

  • Join the Marketplace in five minutes
  • Create a beautiful store for free
  • Build campaigns and sell more

Accept Settle online, enjoy higher conversion

Customers browse your store with their phone, allow them to pay with it.

  • One-click payment experience
  • No forms, card numbers or dropoff
  • Collect customer data in a GDPR compliant way

Allow customers to Settle in your store

Accept Settle in your existing card terminals or cash registry.

  • Access data about your customers
  • Offer loyalty and vouchers
  • Easy integration using Open API

Enrol your business, it’s free

Digital signup, start selling more within five minutes.

Unlock the insights behind your sales

Settle collects and visualises your data for free.

  • Monitor live transactions
  • Collect and view customer data in a GDPR compliant way
  • Generate sales and settlement reports

Let’s make it personal

Special offers and deals bring more business from new and existing customers.

  • Build smart ads in minutes
  • Target based on location, time and behaviour
  • Measure results