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Here is a sum-up of all the things we have in our goody bag for our employees

  • From a financial point of view

  • Professional development

  • Benefits

  • A great team

Modern equipment

Laptop, screens, tools - all you need.

  • From business printers, to computers and wide-screens for conferences, we provide the best, the latest and - last, but not least - the safest tools for our team.

  • Are you in the office? We have a 1.5m distance policy during this period, but our coffee machines don't. Get closer. Grab a (Norwegian) coffee!

  • Working remotely? Our employees get their own laptops from Settle.

Employee happiness program

We do care about you. And your colleague. Happy people achieve more together.

  • We want you to succeed and to feel part of our community.

  • Our team has the same goal and we want us to strive together. The awesome HR of Settle has weekly surveys on how to be even more awesome.

  • At Settle, your opinion matters. How does it sound to you?

Flexible working hours

Early bird or night owl? We'll accommodate your needs when it comes to working hours.

  • Do you need to pick up your kids from school, or do you want to start earlier? Cool.

  • Let's find a convenient time for our meetings and let's get going. We all do our job. But not like we're in 1984.

Work from home

Need to work from home? Sure. We have the tools to sync.

  • Does your pet-dog (or pet-piglet) need some extra attention these days? No worries! Let them hang around while you work your magic on making the world a cashless place. Note: true story :D And we love it when it happens.
  • Conclusion: whatever makes you happy. We are flexible with this. Just Settle it. At the office, at home, wherever.

Stock options

That sounds cool, doesn't it? Our open culture allows our employees to own options in our company.

  • We all want to be part of this journey. We bet we can digitize money and change the FinTech landscape.

  • And we're all in it to win it.

  • What about you? Are you ready for WallStreet? We are!


We've got you covered. At Settle, all our employees benefit from a good health insurance package, no matter where they are located.

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body.

  • Make sure you drink enough water, eat your veggies and wear your face-mask when needed.

  • If something, we take care of the rest.

Paid maternity leave

Family is so important! We are going to support you and your family when your little one is about to see the light.

  • Maternity or paternity leave - Settle knows that it is so important to be there for your dear ones, no matter how small they are.

  • Afterwards, you come back and we'll talk again about revolutionizing payments - and your baby, from time to time - especially if it's a cute one. But all the babies are cute, aren't they? Priceless.

What your future colleagues think:

  • Settle Group is simply a great company. We are happy to have gathered colleagues from so many countries. Each comes with a different background, something that enriches us as a company. At the same time, there is something that connects us all - we're all passionate about technology and we want to actually help people and merchants change the game when it comes to mobile payments.

    Maria Akkuratnova, COO

  • It's very important to us to have colleagues with different backgrounds and fields of expertise. We all bring something to the table. At this point, we are expanding in several areas, and it would be great to find passionate people to join our journey.

    Dimiter Gurdjilov, CCO

  • What I love about working at Settle Group is the supportive Tech team. We can really talk, everything from profoundly geeky grokking, to how we work together. I feel we have each others' backs.

    Leif Arne Storset, CIO