About Settle - The European mobile payments scheme.

Creating valuable connections between people and businesses.

Settle - The European mobile payments scheme


Settle - the best way to pay

The cashless society is the way of the future. Settle is a leading mobile payments solution that empowers consumers and merchants to use their mobile phone to pay, or accept payments anywhere, anytime with just a mobile number.

Like it or not, money plays a big role in everyone’s life. Yet paying and getting paid - i.e. using money, remains complicated, with the inconvenience and lack of safety with cash handling.

With Settle, users can send and receive money securely and instantly, enabling them to better understand, manage and handle their money digitally. It is available to download and use now and is completely platform agnostic regardless of smartphone device, bank or telco.

Settle's vision is to digitise money and make it universally available to everyone.

Founded by Nordic pioneer, Auka

Settle was founded in 2018 and created and developed by Oslo-based mobile payments pioneer, Auka.

Auka has spent almost a decade developing a world-class financial services platform. The Norwegian company developed the first mobile payments platform in the Nordics (mCASH) and launched the first mobile payments solution in Norway, impacting the lives of millions of people and helping to fundamentally change the way people pay and get paid in Scandinavia. Now, Auka with Settle, is on a mission to make it easier than ever for people and businesses to pay and get paid all over Europe.

Auka is backed by a top-heavy board of directors with experience from MasterCard, Entreé Capital, Point Group, Nets and McKinsey.

Interested in investing in Settle?

Settle empowers the future of a cashless society, and we're now on the lookout for investors to help future-proof this innovation.

In February 2014 we closed €5m in series A (led by Northzone and Entree Capital). In recent years, our revenue enabled us to sustain and grow operationally, and in June 2019, we successfully launched our app in Croatia, on the App Store and Google Play.

Now, the launch of Settle in multiple markets will require a substantial scaling of the company and for that, we need more capital.

We are looking to close a share offering round of €7 MEUR (the first €1.5m has already been secured - see the press release here).


Auka, the creator of Settle, holds an electronic money license issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Auka is licensed to provide its products and services throughout the European Union. Auka has passported its license throughout the European Union and so may operate, offer our products and services in every EU jurisdiction. Auka adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and maintains its highest certification, Level 1. Auka protects users data and confidentiality and adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation. Settle is secure.